Hospital Disaster Planning Course

Course Information:

Price: R600/R1400

It can be offered seperately as a six hour course @ R 600.00 The Triage Training Package can be bought seperately @ R 1400.00 per package

Practical Program to establish your own hospital disaster plan:

Step-by-step process to design a practical hospital disaster plan to effectively manage the sudden simultaneous influx of a large number of injured or ill patients.

Achieve skills in:

  • Identification of treatment areas
    • patient reception
    • triage
    • Priority 1, 2 and 3 treatment
    • Deceased
    • Admissions
  • Allocating staff
    • Activating staff
  • Determining function
    • Compile action cards
  • Determining supplies
    • Determine disaster stock levels
  • Coordinating activities
    • Establish command
    • Admissions
    • Discharge point
    • Information point
  • Practice plan implementation

Training in Triage SIEVE and Triage SORT

Triage training is a part of the Hospital Disaster Planning